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High Temperature (C-Series)
Cerakote™ Black Velvet C-7300 as a Thermal Barrier on a Class 8 Truck Exhaust Systems

Cerakote™ Black Velvet C-7300 is most commonly used on headers an exhaust components for OEM and aftermarket motorcycles and passenger vehicles.

Due to growing interest in the heavy duty truck market, Black Velvet C-7300 was tested on a Class 8 truck exhaust system.

For this test a coated exhaust was cycled through a series of temperature changes representative of a Class 8 exhaust temperatures as seen in typical use.

The exhaust gas was initially heated to 565°C and maintained at the temperature for a duration of 30 minutes. The average temperature drop between the exhaust gas and skin temperature was 205°C.

Next, the exhaust gas temperature was elevated to 835°C and held constant for 30 minutes. At this point, the temperature drop between skin and exhaust gas was recorded at 425°C.

At exhaust gas temperatures of 565°C and 835°C, the Cerakote™ Black Velvet C-7300 contributed to temperature drops of 38% and 52% respectively.

After completing the test, the coating was analyzed to confirm that no change in gloss, colour, or adhesion occurred.

Overall Cerakote™ Black Velvet C-7300 exhibited no signs of degradation at elevated temperatures and performed as well as a thermal barrier.


See link at the bottom of the page for the full report

Firearms (H-Series) Corrosion Resistance

Salt Spray Corrosion testing is used to evaluate the relative corrosion resistance of coated components exposed to a

5% salt solution fog with a constant temperature of 35°C.

Cerakote™ showed minimal signs of corrosion

even after 3,000 hours in the salt spray chamber.

This shows that Cerakote™ preserves the life of metals in a corrosive environment longer than any other competitive finish.

Firearms (H-Series) Chemical Resistance

The ability of Cerakote™ H-146 (Graphite Black) to resist chemical attack was tested by dipping coated panels into a series of solvents to which the coating may be exposed during regular use and extreme conditions. The panels were placed in the solution and allowed to sit for 24 hours. Afterward, the samples were removed, analysed and assigned a rank depending on the resistance to each specific chemical. The results of the test are shown in the table above.


The performance of Cerakote™ H-146 (Graphite Black) was classified as excellent for 14 of the solvents tested. This indicated that the coating was not affected following a 24-hour immersion in the solvents. The coating also showed good resistance to HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) and experienced only a slight change in texture after 24-hour immersion.

H-Series Corrosion Test Video
H-Series Abrasion Test Video
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